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Jain Architecture in Thar Desert, Rajasthan in India

Jain Architecture of Jodhpur, Rajasthan in India

Statue of Rishabha, the first Jaintirthankara


Jainism – the Non Violence and Truth


 Jains have certain worship practices.
In Jainism there are certain entities which are acceptable for ritual devotions, they are:
The Tirthankaras (there are 24 human saviours recognised) : A tirthankara is one who establishes Jain organization after conquering both love and hatred . He shows a fine path to the world's living beings to be free from ignorance, misery and moha (Worldly happiness)
The Arhant (worthy of worship): Arihant  in Jainism is a step before becoming siddha.
The Siddha (liberated soul): According to Jain beliefs, Siddhas are liberated souls who have destroyed all the karma bondings. Siddha do not have any kind of body, they are soul at its purest form.
The Sadhu (monk): When a person renounces the worldly life and all the attachments, and is initiated into monkshood or nunhood, the man is called Sadhu.
The Dharm (religion): Jain texts assign a wide range of meaning to the word Dharma . It is often translated as “religion” and as such, Jainism is called Jain Dharma by its adherents.
The Mangals (four auspicious entities)
The Lokottams (four supreme entities)
Many Jains worship at temple everyday, while others do so much less frequently. For Jainism worship is a means to personal spiritual and karmic development.
Jains worship in temples which contain images of the 24 Tirthankaras. There is usually one central being in the temple with other smaller representations throughout the building. Jains worship through meditation, offerings and prayer. Prayers they tend remember great qualities of their religious saviours.

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Born in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, Sheetal Sheth is first generation American. Her parents came to the United States from Gujarat, India in 1972. The second of three children, Sheth has an older sister and a younger brother. When she was twelve, her family moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where her parents still reside. As a youth she traveled to India frequently with her family, and continues to visit family there regularly English is her primary language, but she is fluent inGujarati, and has studied Hindi, French and Spanish Sheetal Sheth is an American actress and producer. Sheetal Sheth She starred opposite Albert Brooks in his film Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. She debuted to rave reviews in the films ABCD and American Cha She was also the first Indian American to appear in Maxim magazine. She takes an active interest in politics, she's served in AmeriCorps, she participates in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles as a Big Sister, and she supports and promotes organizations such as Women's Voices Now which encourage communities that are under-represented in American media to make their voices heard. She also regularly speaks on panels and forums internationally.

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With 10 to 12 million followers, Jainism is among the smallest of the major world religions, but in India its influence is much greater than these numbers would suggest. Jains live throughout India. With 10 to 12 million followers, Jainism is among the smallest of the major world religions, but in India its influence is much greater than these numbers would suggest. Jains live throughout India.
Is a state in southern Asia.
It is the seventh largest country in the world on the surface, and the second most populous.
It’s  capital is New Delhi
In India speaking Hindi, with the largest number of speakers, is the official language and English is used extensively in business, government and education